Videocurriculum, a help to get the job in the pharmacy that you desire

Videocurriculum, a help to get the job in the pharmacy that you desire

Every day companies and professionals are more and more obliged to improve our digital visibility. And in the world of Community Pharmacy, which is facing new challenges, it is perhaps more essential than ever.

The General Council of Pharmacists already presented in September 2019 its corporate strategy 'We are Pharmacists: assistive, social, digital', a roadmap to adapt this healthcare profession to the demands of a society that every day asks for more personalized and higher quality services. It is an interesting opportunity to take advantage of the use of new digital technologies to improve pharmaceutical provision and patient care.

And speaking of being digital...

What less than to apply for a job offer for a pharmacy using the video format?

Your experience and training is important and has a lot of value, of course it does. However, a CV written in the classic style may not be enough to make you known and differentiate you.

Why a Videocurriculum?

A videocurriculum can help you a lot:

  • Present yourself in a more natural and effective way.
  • Offer a more real and natural idea of who and how you are.
  • Convey your attitude, your motivations.
  • Let them discover some key aspect of you that will make them decide for you.
  • Let them imagine you working in their pharmacy and visualize how you could fit in with the rest of the team.
  • Allow you to generate an emotional bond that hardly happens just by reading your CV.

It can certainly open up more opportunities for you.

Every pharmacy is different and may need a team of professionals with different profiles. Whether they are looking for experience or not, specialization (dermopharmacy, optics, orthopedics,), and skills that will depend a lot on the type of patients and users that come to their pharmacies.

If they have online sales, they will certainly be looking for people who know how to manage social networks very well, or in other cases, they will be interested in people who are familiar with the pharmacy's robotic dispensing system.

All with one key objective: to get your team to deliver quality patient care and differential pharmaceutical advice.

"There is never a second chance to make a good first impression." - Oscar Wilde

Already just the step of creating your own video is going to reflect some skills such as: creativity, self-confidence, initiative, decisiveness, social skills, commercial spirit or your communication skills.

Some keys:

  • Be brief, the goal is to make yourself known in two minutes maximum.
  • Content is important: you are going to sell yourself, you are the product, and it is up to you to make them like you.
  • Make your message transmit confidence.
  • Try to speak in an orderly and convincing way.
  • Try to show who you are, what you do and how you work in a pleasant, simple and direct way.
  • Trata de mostrar quién eres, qué haces y cómo trabajas de forma amena, sencilla y directa.

Do not hesitate, a video resume will help you increase your chances of getting a job in the pharmacy you want! Here is a video on how to make your video resume..