Find your ideal candidate for your job offer

We offer professional recruitment and selection services specialized for community pharmacies.

It helps you find the best team to optimize your management, make the right decisions and achieve the desired results.

It is not always easy to quickly find the candidates that best fit your needs at any given moment.

ApoTalent is designed to help pharmacies detect, select and incorporate talent by providing you with a pre-selection of the best candidates that will bring you the differential value you are looking for.

Covers the recruitment and selection needs of the pharmacy channel.

Make a quick and personalized selection of pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, assistants and other profiles that you are thinking of incorporating to your pharmacy team on a full/part-time basis.

From the available information you will be able to contact directly with your candidates to make your final choice.

What ApoTalent brings to pharmacies

  1. It facilitates faster decision making, which translates into great time savings and high effectiveness.
  2. Not only technical experience is taken into account, but also other fundamental factors such as personality, attitude, motivations and locations of interest.
  3. It provides a digital report of the candidate, along with his or her CV and a 2-minute personal video.

Our services

Alquimia Service

  • Selection of the 4 - 6 candidates that best fit the search criteria defined in your offer.
  • Deadline: 3 working days.
  • Automated selection based on geographic proximity and the customized filters you set in your offer.

Magister Service

Incluye “Alquimia” más:

  • Elección por experto.
  • Estudio de perfil psicosocial de cada candidato.
  • Contacto por experto vía telefónica.
  • Posibilidad de criterios especiales del candidato.
  • 3 candidatos.

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